Love Sparks

What's love without a little spark?

Attempt new ideas, kama sutra positions, places, and unlock achievements to improve your love life. Track your progress as a couple while you check off achievements to become a Love Master in every aspect of your romantic life!

Love Sparks
Dozens of sparks included FREE

Dozens of sparks included FREE

The ideas and sex positions you're about to try are sure to wow your lover!

  • Ideas: Creative, Outrageous, Affordable, Quick, and Classic
  • Sex Positions: Everything from Spooning to Exotic
  • Places: From Around the House to the Great Outdoors
  • Achievements: Master every facet with Romantic, Roleplay, Locations, and Intimate

Become a Love Spark Master: In order to reach as many lovers as possible, we've made Love Spark free by including some of our favorite sparks from all different areas. You can purchase additional spark packs inside the app!

Not only for newlyweds

Love Sparks is designed for everyone from newfound lovebirds to couples in long-term relationships. Itís got everything from quick and affordable to outrageous and creative ideas.

  • Easy and fun date ideas and surprises for every couple's love life
  • Classic and modern kama sutra positions to motivate and inspire you
  • Share positions or ideas with your partner by email, SMS, Twitter, or Faceboook
Not only for newlyweds
Keep the fire going

Keep the fire going

Love Sparks comes with plenty of fun and exciting ways to maintain the flame alive.

  • Keep your own to-do list of ideas, positions, and places for the future
  • Mark the ones you've tried, and attempt to do them all
  • Favorite the ones you love the most
  • Explore sex positions from movie scenes
  • Choose kama sutra positions by complexity, intimacy, and strength
Shake your device and Love Sparks will choose an idea for you!
Check out Today's Position for some daily inspiration
Password-protect the app to keep it from prying eyes

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